Club100 Racing

The fastest "arrive and drive" kart championship in the UK


CLUB100 racing began in 1993.

With over 20 years of growth, development and race management experience, the company boasts the unrivalled status as:

“The highest level of ‘arrive & drive’ championship kart racing in the UK and Europe.”

C100R1SU-14-1684Equal Racing – CLUB100 has brought powerful arrive-and-drive karting within reach of everyone and at the same time has removed the “cheque-book element” of motorsport once and for all. Whichever of our two-stroke events you choose – Test Days, Sprint or Endurance – all of our karts are prepared to an identical standard. Instead of the wealthiest drivers gaining an advantage through expensive preparation, everyone starts off equal.

Amongst it’s qualities, CLUB100 has 2 unique factors:

  1. A fleet of Karts supplied with 125cc Rotax JNR Evo 2 2-stroke engines and ‘clutched’ transmission.
  2. The opportunity to race at a variety of circuits.


Championship registration

To race with CLUB100 you will need to register for your chosen championships(s). You also need to be 15 years or over. Drivers aged 14 years are eligible to compete as long as their 15th birthday falls in the same year.

Championship registration is NOT required for testing.

Registration fees

Sprint Championship – £45 per driver
Endurance Championship – £70 per team

Registration forms are available by clicking here. There are separate forms relating to each championship and class. The forms can be completed and submitted online. Upon receipt, you will receive a confirmation email. You are then eligible to enter any number of rounds within that championship. Also once a member, you are then eligible to join our busy “members only” forum.

Drivers joining the Sprint series for the first time, may pay an initial trial registration fee of £20. The balance of the registration fee becomes payable, in full, for any subsequent races.