Club100 Racing

The fastest "arrive and drive" kart championship in the UK


Here is what some of our happy customers have had to say about us.

Club 100 delivers its promise; it’s very friendly, devoid of any element of cheque book racing, and the performance of the karts is astonishing. This is genuine racing, pure and simple.
– The Daily Telegraph

You put your foot on the accelerator, your head is viciously snapped backwards, your eyeballs are forced into the soft grey flesh of your brain and every rib is bashed to powder against your seat.
– Arena Magazine

These oil spitting highly tuned baby racers simply shit all over the 4-stroke variety. It was the most satisfying motorsport event I’ve ever participated in.
– Time Out

Top quality racing on 100cc karts for an unbeatable price, and the atmosphere is brilliant.
– Karting Magazine

Take it from us, a twin-engined Pro-kart may be quick, but a Club 100 2-stroke machine is mind blowing!
– Cars & Car Conversions