When living for the weekend gets too much. Or maybe you work weekends (I know we do) and its just not convenient.

The superbly redeveloped Buckmore Park is teaming up with Club100 Racing to offer a series of events giving you the opportunity to race midweek for an extremely attractive price! Welcome to BP Extreme Team and BP Extreme Solo.

These events are solely promoted by Buckmore Park. Please contact Buckmore direct for any inquiries and to book a place on the grid.

Four Wednesday afternoons have been scheduled to run a 2 driver team event, using both Buckmore Parks Sodi Karts and Club100 Karts. Plus 4 Friday late afternoon events on Club100 Karts. Ideal for those of you that (ahem) ‘work from home’ on a Friday. Or take a flyer, finish early, and jump in a rocket.

All the info –>> BP_Extreme_A4_Lowres