All Torque and more than all talk

Eddie Hall
Quadrant Championship 2018 – Class 2, Rd.3,

All Torque master the wet conditions at Rye House.

A wet and miserable Friday greeted the teams for the third race of the 2018 season. The conditions caught many drivers out, none more so than Phil kendall, who spun off about a million times during practice and on the rolling up laps.

Race 1

Team JAWS took the spoils in the first race of the day, splashing their way through the Rye House puddles to class victory from twelfth on the grid. They finished almost an entire lap clear of second placed All Torque 1. Prancing Donkeys came home third. Despite the tricky conditions, there were relatively few incidents and the midfield settled down and spread out over the course of the race.

Race 2

Having won the first race comfortably, JAWS found themselves in another strong position for race two as they lined up as the highest placed class 2 team. However, JEN Racing were on top form; making a good start and picking off a number of karts in the mid field to get into the class lead by half distance. A position they held until the chequered flag. JAWS came home a comfortable second with All Torque 1 again impressing by finishing third.

Race 3

Team JAWS once again headed the class 2 teams on the grid for race 3. By this time the rain was coming down more heavily, making conditions even trickier. The story of the race was once again JEN Racing and their fight from a back of the grid starting position to class victory. They looked unbeatable in the difficult conditions. They eased home to another win, some sixteen seconds clear of Team JAWS who, in turn, were eleven seconds of All Torque 1. These three teams pretty much cementing their overall positions, having dominated the three races so far. Further back and Loose Heads, TBD, Prancing Donkeys, Mobile Chicane and All Torque 2 made up the rest of the results – just to give you all a mention.

Race 4

Having played the bridesmaid role thus far, All Torque 1 had a great opportunity to get a race win as they lined up second on the grid for the final race of the day. They only had sister team All Torque 2 ahead of them so team orders were always a possibility. I mean probably not because this isn’t Formula 1 but, you know, it’s difficult to think of anything to write when I was in the race. Anyway, the rain had eased up somewhat by this stage but the track was still like a river and the All Torque boys led round the opening lap. Team 1 nipped past into the lead on lap 2 and, although both would get gobbled up by the faster class 1 drivers, they maintained their dominance at the front. Team JAWS were once again in the mix and were holding onto third from TBD and Prancing Donkeys. JEN Racing weren’t having a very good race. Despite starting fifth, they slipped down the order and couldn’t keep pace with the leaders, eventually finishing sixth. At the flag, All Torque 1 took the victory from the B team, making it an All Torque 1-2. JAWS came home a comfortable third.

Final Result

Consistent results in all the day’s races saw All Torque take the overall victory. Likewise, Team JAWS’ two seconds and a win assured them of second. Despite winning two of the day’s races, poor results in the other two meant JEN had to settle for third.