All Torque stamp their authority at Ellough

Eddie Hall
Quadrant Championship 2018 – Class 2, Rd.7,

A good afternoon of close, hard racing sees the All Torque boys emerge victorious again.

Before I summarise the races, I want to get something off my chest that has been bugging me for years. I’m going to mention this in all race reports because I feel it needs to be said: I think Club100 should introduce a new rule that states any driver who overtakes another driver and then does that pointy finger “come on, follow me, let’s work together” hand signal should be given a severe penalty – preferably involving a hammer or a blowtorch to the genitals. It’s annoying. It’s pointless. Don’t do it. You know who you are.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed – especially those involving blow-torching of genitals – are those of the race reporter and are in no way associated with Club100 or any staff member.)

Race 1

Rant over and local team Ellough Mentals started on the front row for their home race but it was JEN Racing who came home victorious; taking the win by two seconds from All Torque 1. Team Sensible lost a few places overall but still managed to come home third in class. They were comfortably ahead of Team JAWS in fourth. Ellough Mentals completed the top five although they had dropped to fifteenth overall.

Behind the leading pack there had been some good close racing. TBD and Loose Heads ran close behind Ellough Mentals, although Loose Heads would be docked a place for indecency with a cone. Mobile Chicane and Skidmarks also enjoyed a close battle albeit near the back of the field.

Race 2

It was an All Torque front row with All Torque 2 lining up on pole and All Torque 1 second. All Torque 1 took the lead at the start but sadly the number 2 team went backwards. Despite losing a couple of places to faster class 1 teams, All Torque held the class 2 lead for the entirety of the race. JEN Racing were their closest competitors and finished four seconds behind. There was then a big gap to Team JAWS and Team Sensible who came home third and fourth respectively.

Behind this group, the rest of the field spread out and a bit of a long train emerged in the mid field that ran all the way to the back. There appeared to be a bit of a variation in karts; some obviously quick drivers struggling to get past or make the progress. Still, there were no penalties for any class 2 teams.

Race 3

An epic drive saw All Torque 1 take victory despite starting 24th out of 27. They were also right there with the top class 1 teams at the flag. Seven seconds behind them and Team Sensible, having battled very hard, just managed to hold off Forza for second place. Loose Heads were on their own in fourth with Willy Wonkas and Ellough Mentals fighting for fifth until the chequered flag.

Having started sixth, Skidmarks had a bad race and only managed twenty-first at the flag. Team JAWS and Mobile Chicane also had a race to forget as did JEN Racing and All Torque 2, who never made much progress from the back, and pole sitters Taub, who finished dead last.

Race 4

It was once again All Torque 1 who took the honours for the final race of the day, although they didn’t have it easy at all. An almost race-long battle with Team Sensible saw some great racing and many overtakes. JEN Racing soon joined inm to make it a three way battle for the lead. Behind the leading trio there was an equally close battle between Ellough Mentals and Loose Heads.

With the action at the front hotting up, it was ultimately All Torque 1 who emerged victorious. Another really strong showing saw Team Sensible finish an equally good second place with JEN Racing taking silver.

Final Result

All Torque 1 took the overall victory ahead of JEN Racing, and Team Sensible claiming the final spot on the podium after a good afternoon’s racing by all. Lydd next.