All Torque surprised at win

Eddie Hall
Quadrant Championship 2018 – Class 2, Rd.9,

The beauty of this championship is nobody knows where they’ve finished until the results are read out.

Heat 1

All Torque 1 were back after missing the last round. The dominance they have shown so far meant they were still leading the championship coming into this race despite their zero score. They wasted no time in getting back into the groove and won the opening heat with ease. TBD came home second and Team JAWS were third. However, the fell foul of a random weight check and, discovered to be running underweight, they were excluded like the filthy dirty cheats they are. Shameful. Anyway, this promoted Loose Heads to third. They came home a few tenths of a second clear of Ellough Mentals. Mobile Chicane came home fifth. It was a disappointing day for All Torque 1 and JEN Racing who came home last.

Heat 2

Loose Heads started the second race of the day from pole. They managed to hold their own against the top class 1 teams and, despite losing track position, they maintained their lead throughout. They built up a gap over nearly half a lap over Mobile Chicane who drive well and took advantage of mishaps from a few rivals to take second. Ellough Mentals were third but off the lead lap and they held off a challenge from the two All Torque teams who didn’t have a very happy race. TBD were also a team not having much fun. For the second race in a row, JEN Racing found themselves at the back after a lap two incident. Team JAWS finished last. It looked like being a difficult day for these two teams.

Heat 3

Things change quite quickly in this business and this certainly proved to be true as JEN Racing and Team JAWS finished first and second in race three. A great opening lap saw JEN Racing jump from tenth on the grid to fifth overall and over the next handful of laps they got into second place and first in class, dispatching rivals All Torque with ease. Showing great pace, they started chasing down the overall race leader and, taking advantage of Clunge getting held up behind slower karts, began challenging for the lead.

Further back, JAWS were maintaining position in second. All Torque 1 had dropped back but were still running strong in third. Ellough Mentals and Loose Heads were embroiled in a battle for fourth and Mobile Chicane were battling away in the midfield.

Back with the leader and they were seemingly too keen to race class 1’s Clunge. Although they had the speed, it wasn’t the smartest thing to do as they slowed each other down and allowed the chasing pack to close up. It very nearly ended in tears with three laps to go as they ran each other wide, both dropping places as a result. Although JEN held the overall lead and went on to win, it highlighted a lack of maturity in my opinion. Team JAWS finally had something to smile about with second and All Torque 1 scored more useful points with third.

Heat 4

With two bad races and one win so far, JEN Racing needed to make the most of their front row grid position for the final race of the day. They managed to hold their own against the faster class 1 teams at the start and maintained class position, battling well in the top five overall. Mobile Chicane were also having a great race and maintained their second place. TBD, Loose Heads and team JAWS were fighting over the final place on the podium. Sadly it was a bad race for both All Torque teams and they both found themselves at the back of the pack.

The race at the front settled down and there was no real competition for the leaders as they came home for their second win – a great effort after such a difficult start to the day. Another great drive from Mobile Chicane saw them finish second, and TDB emerged victorious in their three way battle for third.

Final Result

With all of the main contenders having mixed fortune, there was a lot of audible surprise when the final results were announced. A single victory, a third and a fourth for both All Torque 1 and Loose Heads saw the win come down to fastest lap. This went to All Torque so they took yet another win. Despite winning two races, their poor start to the day cost them dearly and JEN racing could only manage third. Still, it made a change from finishing second which is where they usually finish.