Endurance roundup, Whilton Mill (round 2)

Eddie Hall
Premier Endurance Championship 2018, Rd.2,

Smiles all round on the podium, unless you are a premier driver in which case they were mostly forced smiles.


Round 2 of the 2018 season took place at the popular Whilton Mill circuit. Finally the place is joining the rest of the karting world and getting a proper club house with catering facilities. With all the Little Chefs having closed down and been replaced by Star Bucks cafes, it means I’ll be able to have a proper greasy breakfast again prior to the racing. I mean, seriously, who wants a sub standard coffee and a muffin from Star Bucks rather than a full English served by some disinterested spotty hipster teen with daddy issues?

Anyway, Whilton Mill has always been a popular and well attended race and with the sun shining and half decent temperatures, the race promised much.


After a disappointing start to their 2018 return, Ministry of Speed took victory. It was a great moment to witness jay Elliott finally get his maiden premier victory after so many years of trying. He was so happy he almost smiled on the podium. JAM racing were probably slightly less happy with second after a black flag cost them a potential victory. Tanked Up were even less happy looking with third place. Bloody prima-donnas.

It was a bad day for other front runners like Birel of laughs, who weren’t laughing at all after making a mid-race kart change. CD30 couldn’t have been happy with 26th. Even less happy were G3Pro who suffered even bigger dramas and finished almost dead last.


The Clubman race was won by Racecraft. They finished comfortably ahead of Runtime Exception Racing who were probably happier than any of the top 3 premier teams with second in class. CKS Throatpunchers finished third. It was a solid day for Lucid Initiatives and SMJ racing who finished fourth and fifth respectively. It wouldn’t be a proper race report without mentioning all of the G3pro entries so I have to mention the other G3Pro team who finished sixth.


The third of the G3Pro teams had the best result of the morning’s racing to win the intermediate class with ease. They not only did that but they finished sixth overall and were the last kart on the lead lap. Wildcard Racing came home second, a mere seven seconds ahead of DDMM Barnstormers. Both teams finishing in the top 10 overall, showing how close and competitive the field is, regardless of class.

With a win and a third from the opening two races, tanked Up maintain the early lead in the premier championship. Racecraft’s perfect score means they head the clubmans and G3Pro lead the inters.

Only two weeks until Rye…