Enduro roundup, round 11, Whilton Mill

Eddie Hall
Intermediate Endurance Championship 2018, Rd.11, Clubman Endurance Championship 2018, Rd.11, Premier Endurance Championship 2018, Rd.11,

Ministry wrap on their second premier title. Clubman and Inters go down to the wire.

With the season nearing its climax, rumours about 2019 are already in full swing. Ministry’s Pete O’Connor and Jay Elliott both announced they would be switching to some sort of car racing. Jordan Hill confirmed he will merge with Tanked Up for next year to race as Tanked Up on Speed. It’s looking likely Simon Young, Jon Pethick and Justin Buck will continue together for another year with a no doubt even more ridiculous team name than ever before. Rumours that Kosta will leave JAM Racing were also doing the rounds. It’s looking likely that Maxx MPH Racing will return to endurance racing with Dan Milner and Eddie Hall on the lookout for a rapid third driver (yes that is a plea for help).


A win today would wrap up the championship for Ministry. They were only able to qualify third in class behind Tanked Up and Overdraft Racing but their race pace and strategory saw them at the front. Helped by a slow stop for Tanked Up Racing, they duly went on to win their sixth race of the season and take their second premier endurance title after their 2014 success. It was a familiar podium with Tanked Up second and JAM Racing third. Overdraft were fourth but way off the top three – disappointing after their good starting position. CD30 were next up. It was a bad day for Birel of Laughs who went through several karts courtesy of guest driver Rich Higham being a prima donna. Apteryx, G3Pro and Auditing Armageddon also had a day to forget.


After a season of frustration with two seconds and a third to their name, G3Pro finally scored their first win of the season in superb style. They were classified fourth overall behind the top three premier teams, albeit a lap down, and beat championship hopefuls SoundFP by two seconds. CKS Throatpunchers scored their seventh third place finish of the year. Pretty consistent but they must being getting a bit bored by now. And what of racecraft? Well they were down in tenth and sixth in class. A drop score in such a crucial point in the championship was a big blow. They now sit ten points behind SoundFP going into the last race. They need to finish at least three places higher and in the top five if they want to win the championship. They need to be balls out at Buckmore. The pressure is on.


It was another competitive showing for the inters teams. JK Rolling showed great pace all morning and duly took their first win. They were some way ahead of title contenders Conman who came home second. With main rivals JDR finishing third, this was enough to put the championship out of reach. DDMM Barnstormers just missed out on the podium in fourth. And if you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend watching the live stream of Sunday’s sprint races with those two commentating. It’s bloody brilliant.

So apologies to Conman Racing for initially stating the championship is still open. They are your 2018 intermediate champions. Although JDR have scored more wins, their exclusion from round three and absence from round five may have cost them dearly. Still, great consistent driving from the Conman boys makes them deserving champions.


Photos courtesy of John Patterson