JAWS secure victory in a day of ups and downs

Eddie Hall
Quadrant Championship 2018 – Class 2, Rd.8,

All Torque didn’t show up and it was a mixed day for many of the contenders in the marshlands of Kent.

The absence of championship leaders All Torque 1 left the door open for their rivals to close the gap. With the season now well into its second half, any inroads they could make could be crucial come the end of the season.

Race 1

Mobile Chicane were the highest placed class 2 team in third place. However, their time at the front was brief. They immediately lost places at the start before falling off the leaderboard completely. It was the French team who emerged victorious, finishing a comfortable six and a half seconds clear of JEN Racing in second. Big Cat Motorsport II were third on the road but were handed a four place penalty for physical abuse with a kart and demoted seventh. This promoted TBD to third.

Loose Heads, Skidmarks and Team JAWS all picked up some useful points. Having said that, with only eight teams competing in this class, it was difficult not to score points…

Race 2

Team JAWS did a stunning job to win the second race from seventeenth on the grid. They were right up there with the top class one teams in what was a dominant display. Loose Heads were second but some ten seconds further back but four seconds ahead of Skidmarks in third. Mobile Chicane had a slightly more competitive race to finish fourth in class. TBD, Big Cat Motorsport II, JEN Racing and the French Team all filling the remaining places.

Race 3

After a disappointing and utterly merde second heat, the French team were back on top for race three. Helped by a good grid position, they took the class win by less than half a second from JEN Racing. Team JAWS were third. Behind them were, in no particular order (because what’s the point when only eight teams compete?) TBD, Mobile Chicane, Skidmark racing, Loose Heads and Big Cat Motorsport.

Okay that was the order they finished.

Race 4

After a mixed afternoon for many of the teams, it was still all to play for as the teams rolled up for the final race of the afternoon. It was Team JAWS who emerged victorious with a good margin over JEN Racing. They enjoyed a close battle with Skidmark racing in the closing laps, emerging just ahead in the fight.

Loose heads and TBD both had lonely races (in class anyway) on their way to fourth and fifth. Mobile Chicane, The French team and Big Cat Motorsport II made up the remainder.

Final result

So after a mixed and inconsistent day for many of the teams, there was no clear or obvious winner until JV read out the results. It was Team JAWS who took the overall victory. For the fourth time this year, JEN Racing were the bridesmaids in second place. The French Team claimed the final spot on the podium.