JEN score a gem at Clay

Eddie Hall
Quadrant Championship 2018 – Class 2, Rd.10,

With the absence of the championship leaders, their rivals had to take full advantage. Did they?

Not for the first time this year All Torque 1 didn’t enter. Because JEN Racing and Team JAWS have also missed two races this year, this levels things out. Of course this also put the pressure on JEN Racing who really needed to win if they want to keep their title hopes alive. In fact they hadn’t won since the opening round at Buckmore. Team JAWS are outsiders but still needed a good result.

Race 1

Despite losing out to the majority of the class 1 teams, JEN Racing still emerged as the top class 2 team, finishing tenth overall and first in class. Team JAWS also fell backwards in the race but emerged second in class. These two teams starting the day as they meant to continue. TBD finished third and not far behind JAWS. AD Racing came home fourth followed some way further back by Mobile Chicane, Forza and Loose Heads.

Race 2

The second race once again went to JEN Racing. Starting fourth on the grid they were never really challenged. They held their own against a number of top class 1 teams and finished nearly 2o seconds clear of TBD who were had another great result. Team JAWS came home third. These three teams looking like the dominant force at this event.

Race 3

Just as it looked like it might be a predictable day, Loose Heads went and shook things up by winning the third race from fourteenth on the grid. Having been way down in the opening two heats, this really threw a spanner in the works and blew the competition wide open. Likewise for AD Racing who hadn’t shone up to this point, they came home second, having started eighth overall. Team JAWS took the advantage as their main rivals faltered by once again taking a third place finish. TBD picked up more useful points in fourth but JEN racing came home second from last, leaving things up in the air going into the final race of the day.

Race 4

A front row starting slot meant AD Racing were in a strong position for the final race of the day and they certainly didn’t disappoint; winning the race by a comfortable margin. Coming home in second place was the Forza team, some sixteen seconds further back but a nonetheless solid end to their day. Mobile Chicane did well to finish third, finishing a few seconds ahead of JEN Racing who failed to make much progress and in fact dropped back a couple of places during the race. Team JAWS were just behind them in fifth and Loose Heads sixth. A penalty for TBD dropped them to dead last and may well have cost them a first podium finish.

Final Result

In what was a mixed day for the main contenders it was (as is often the case in this championship) unclear who would emerge as the overall winner. As it turned out, their wins in the first two heats was enough to secure JEN Racing the win to the obvious delight of the father and son duo. AD Racing pipped Team JAWS to second place. Team TBD were no doubt rueing their penalty in the final heat which cost them third place.