Club100 Racing

The fastest "arrive and drive" kart championship in the UK

Exclusive testing 2020

There is no point in turning up at a race meeting, thinking you’re going to have a great day because you kick arse at indoor or Pro-karts, only to have a bad day at CLUB100 because you can’t keep the kart on the grey bit. It will leave you demoralised and frustrated.

Entering a Test Day is the best way to learn how to handle the CLUB100 karts and learn the tracks in a pressure free environment. Although the CLUB100 karts are not significantly quicker than Pro-karts, being a 2-stroke they deliver their power very differently. The throttle response is much sharper than from a 4-stoke with clutches. This can easily catch out novice drivers as they try to get the power down smoothly out of corners.

Furthermore, steering the kart with the throttle is rarely a technique used in a Pro-kart, so for many novice drivers this is also something new that has to be learnt. CLUB100 karts also run powerful Type ‘A’ race specification brake systems. These are much sharper in operation than a corporate based unit. Given that CLUB100 karts are lighter than Pro-karts, this can also catch out the novice driver.

So, with plenty of new techniques to master, it’s easy to see that your first race day is not the place to try these out for the first time. For your own enjoyment and safety, and the safety of others, it’s much better to do a Test Day first.

Duration: 30min or 1hr sessions.


Sunday testing
30 MIN (PER KART)88.00
Saturday Testing
30 MIN (PER KART)88.00
Friday testing
Per Kart / Per Hour170.00 inc. VAT (Max 2 drivers)
Per Kart / 30 mins85.00 inc. VAT (Max 1 driver)